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So you're looking for a quality standing desk

That's great news because the research is out and not only is a standing desk better for your health but it's also been proven to increase productivity!

We have carefully selected a range of the leading solutions globally, brought them to New Zealand and are proud to share these with people like you.

Standing desks come in two main varieties:

  1. Standing Desk Converters
    These are placed on top of your existing desk and allow you to sit or stand. They should also be easy to adjust so that changing from sitting to standing is quick and easy. We chose the VARIDESK range as they are fully assembled, win lots of awards in the USA and they are built strong and stable. The main benefit to a VARIDESK solution is the ease of installation (about 5 mins) without a need to remove your existing desks.
  2. Full Standing Desks
    If you are setting up a new office or are looking to do a full office upgrade then a full standing desk is a smart way to go. We offer our electric standing desk range. These have balance assist leg's to assist with stability & 4 memory locations on the digital controller so your desk will magically set itself to the perfect height on the push of a button

We also have a range of monitor arms, standing mats and acessories but take a look at the desks and then go from there as this is the hub of your workspace. 

Work Healthy is proud to supply NZ with a range of sit/stand desks that allow you to work from both a seated and standing position and easily change between the two.